Safer IE9 Browsing with TRUSTe

TRUSTe's Tracking Protection List for Internet Explorer 9 provides you more choices in selecting the advertising you want to see, without compromising personal privacy.


Separating good trackers from bad trackers

Online tracking offers you a richer browsing experience - more relevant ads, personalized recommendations, and faster check-outs. But not all companies that track you protect your privacy, so how can you easily separate the trusted companies from their untrustworthy peers, without blocking all of them?


TRUSTe's Tracking Protection List for Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 supports new privacy controls that permit users to block and/or allow specific companies who serve them tracking-related content. IE9 users can download and activate TRUSTe's Tracking Protection List (link below) to block companies that offer poor privacy protection, while ensuring that trustworthy companies who protect their privacy can continue to provide them with a richer, more personalized browsing experience.

Download TRUSTe's Tracking Protection List

Note: This feature only works for Internet Explorer 9. Your browser experience may vary depending on release version.
Download TRUSTe Tracking Protection List